Xiaomi Mi 4i Gets MIUI 9.2 Update (Download and Install)


Xiaomi Mi 4i was released with MIUI 6 (based on Android Lollipop) onboard in 2015 and then it updated to MIUI 7 and MIUI 8. Now, the device gets the final MIUI 9 update. Xiaomi just released MIUI 9 Global Stable ROM V9.2.2.0.LXIMIEK for Mi 4i and this would be the last update for the device. As confirmed by the company, Mi 4i will not get the upcoming MIUI 10 or further update.

MIUI 9.2 is still based on Android 5.0 Lollipop, but improves overall performance the device and brings various new features to it. Users can enjoy new UI, new Gallery app, Mi Mover, Calendar Cards, all new App Vault, Mi Video app, New Mi Explorer. Also, this update includes several optimizations, bug fixes and KRACK WPA2 security vulnerability fixes.


Xiaomi Mi 4i runs MIUI 8.5.3 Global Stable ROM will get the new MIUI 9.2.2 Global Stable ROM via over the air (OTA). You can also download and install the update manually. MIUI 9.2.2 Recovery and Fastboot ROM are now ready for download for manual installation.

What is new in MIUI for Mi 4i?


Optimization – Increased system decryption speed
Optimization – Increased system decryption speed
Optimization – Devices with rare Bluetooth profiles are hidden in the device list
Optimization – Devices with rare Bluetooth profiles are hidden in the device list
Fix – Apps changed Wi-Fi connection status without the user’s permission
Fix – Apps stopped working in the background
Fix – Only Mi TV/Mi Box can be added/shown on Mi Remote app after the update.
Fix – WhatsApp force closed in Split screen
Fix – Long pressing soft buttons lead to FC issues
Fix – KRACK WPA2 security vulnerabilities

App Lock

New – Added the App lock step before unlocking using a new fingerprint for the first time
New – App lock supports hiding messages from selected apps


Optimization – Vibration no longer affects the features which reduce ringer volume when the phone is lifted or flipped to silence
New – Improved layout and readability for search results in Contacts
Optimization – Protection from unintentional tapping for Dial pad
Fix – The app didn’t respond when multiple contacts were deleted
New – Simplified the UI


Fix – OTP messages were grouped with notification SMS
Fix – Time in Messaging didn’t change when the system was switched to 12-hour format
Fix – Messages with one-time passwords disappeared
Fix – Messaging force closed in some cases
Delete – Adjustments for Messaging: service and promo SMS, scheduled SMS, and group messages.

Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar

New – New content provider for Wallpaper Carousel – Glance. Enjoy high-quality images, read stories, and slide down to view more.
Optimization – Vibration for notifications during calls
Optimization – Notification shade response
Optimization – Adjusted time for tapping the Lock screen notifications
Fix – Couldn’t view the details of a photo taken by swiping left on the Lock screen
Fix – Lock screen wallpaper wasn’t shown in some cases
Fix – The search bar in the Notification shade wasn’t displayed correctly
Fix – Wallpaper Carousel couldn’t load online resources (a Play Store update was required)

Home screen

Optimization – RAM info isn’t shown in Recents by default. Go to Settings Home screen & Recents to turn it on.
Optimization – Animation for clearing cache
Optimization – Adjusted the button for clearing memory in Recents
Optimization – Users can set their main Home screen in the editing mode
Optimization – Multiple themes supported on the clock widget
Optimization – Move app icons into a folder easier
Optimization – Adding widgets to an empty spot with a single tap
Fix – Couldn’t close Recents in some cases
Fix – Issues with icon size for Clock, Calendar, and Weather
Fix – Home screen icon wasn’t displayed properly
Fix – Cleaner shortcut didn’t work


New – 41 new themes, 95 new wallpapers, 78 new ringtones, 12 new fonts
New – 41 new themes and 27 new wallpapers
Optimization – Redesigned home page
Optimization – Updated Peach blossom and Asphalt themes
Optimization – Hide free and incompatible themes in the list of the purchased items
Optimization – Themes prompt about connecting to the internet when it’s required
Optimization – “Add to favorites” icon adjustments
Fix – Previews in recent wallpapers rotated


Fix – Language support issues


Fix – Image has been compressed multiple times


Fix – The progress bar and the time overlapped when system fonts we’re set to big


New – Mi Mover, supports data migration restarting. During migrating data to the new phone, device hotspot connection will be restored automatically in case of interruption to complete the data migration.
Fix – Mi Mover can’t continue to migrate data after the network connection is interrupted and restored
Fix – Mi Mover can’t migrate all apps to the new phone


New – Search for apps in the Dual apps settings
Optimization – Reduced multiple steps for discovering Bluetooth devices
Optimization – Input method animation appears after when search bar is tapped
Optimization – Introducing Button and gesture shortcuts
Fix – The issue with missed calls after switching spaces.
Optimization – Improved design for Feedback

Screen Recorder

Fix – The recording couldn’t be played regularly after the process of recording was stopped by locking the device

File Explorer

Fix – The number of docs in Explorer was shown as 0


New – Downloads keep waiting when the connection is established again in case it was interrupted


Fix – Adjustments for Recorder and Second space


New – New cards: Horoscope, News, Cricket news, and Cricket matches
New – Holiday cards for Russia
New – Introducing football cards with the info about major international leagues and matches
Fix – Couldn’t sync time on the newly added calendar


New – Notes can be saved automatically now
Optimization – Image format for sharing
Optimization – View and Edit menus

Mi Account

Optimization – Reduced the number of push notifications when the user is signed out

Mi Drop

New – All-new Mi Drop
Fix – Transfer status wasn’t displayed correctly when a file participated in multiple transfers
Fix – The app crashed while transferring a large amount of files
Optimization – Received files are sorted by time
Fix – Issues with loading big GIFs)


Optimization – Cleaner removes empty folders better now

Battery Usage

New – Switch for turning Battery saver automatically when charged


New – Virus scans and payment scans were merged into Security scan
Optimization – Simplified and improved the design of the virus scan result page


Fix – Scanner couldn’t work normally

Quick Ball

New – Quick ball goes back to the edge after 3 seconds of inactivity


New – Mi Picks gets a new name and a new icon! Meet Apps!
New – “Apps” support updates now
Fix – Google widget disappeared because of the Dual apps

Install MIUI Firmware v9.2.2.0 Manually on Xiaomi Mi4i

Recovery ROM:

1. Download the MIUI 9 V2.2.2.0 (LXIMICD) recovery firmware for Mi4i from here and move the Rom zip file to your phone’s internal memory.

2. Now follow this installation instruction

Fastboot ROM (If Mi4i is runs older MIUI version or custom ROM):

1. Download the MIUI 9 V2.2.2.0 (LXIMICD) fastboot firmware for Mi4i from here.

2. Now, follow this detailed installation guide.
(Source – MIUI)


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