What is Odin and How to Use it to Flash Firmware on Samsung Galaxy Phone


In simple word, Odin is a firmware installation tool for Samsung Galaxy devices. It is a PC software that is used to communicate with your Samsung Galaxy devices and Windows computer via USB cable. Without Odin, you cannot reinstall official firmware on Galaxy devices. It is a portable tool, so you do not need to install it on your PC, but unfortunately, Odin is a Windows only tool.

In this tutorial, we will let you know various functionalities offered by Odin and how to flash or install official firmware on your Samsung Galaxy Phone. Also, note that, not only for flashing official ROM, Odin is also used for flashing a new custom recovery, wipe the device completely, and return it to stock if needed.


Below, you can check all the functions offered by the Odin (Odin v 3.09) such as what is PDA, CSC, PIT, Bootloader, etc. This will help you understand when flashing a firmware.

PDA: It refers to the build version of the software or firmware. PDA is now known as AP in the latest versions of Odin.

CSC (Consumer Software Customization): It is specific to geographical region and carriers. It contains the software packages specific to that region, carrier branding and APN setting.

PIT: PIT stands for the Partition Information Table. You only need it if you screw up your partition table or if the firmware specifically requires it because of a change in the partition table layout.

BL (Bootloader): As its name implies, this option is used to flash the Bootloader of the device.

How to Install Official Firmware via Odin

This is the basic guide for installing stock Samsung firmware using Odin. You must download Odin and required official firmware. It will be in the *.zip format. (You can find required firmware and Odin at samobile.com)

1. Unzip the downloaded firmware zip file. You will get following files

a) You will get one .tar file or.tar.md5 file and sometimes few other files.
b) In case you get only one file, then all the content like PDA + CSC will be in one file
C) If, in case you get multiple files then there will be particular PDA, CSC and CP files.

2. Now, on your PC, run the Odin.exe file (no installation needed).

3. Now, switch off your Galaxy phone and boot into Download Mode by pressing Volume Down + Home button followed by the Power Button. You will see the Green Triangle or the Android Logo.

4. Now, connect the device to the PC via USB cable (use original USB cable).Odin should recognize the device and will show the COM Port in the Odin screen.

Note: If your device not detected, install correct driver on your PC for your Galaxy phone. Also, run Odin with administrative privilege (right click and select Run as Administrator).

5. Now, if the unzipped firmware file has a single file, simply click on the PDA section in the Odin and browse the file. It will be in tar.md5 format.

6. If you have multiple files, then do the following:

a) PDA: Browse and select the PDA File. “The file must be having the word PDA in its name”
b) CSC: Browse and select the CSC File. “The file must be having the word CSC in its name”
c) Modem: Click on the CP button and select the file. “The file must be having the word modem in its name”

Note: If any of the files is not present in the firmware, simply SKIP or ignore the File.

7. Select Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time in Odin. Only these two options are required for firmware installation. Leave the rest unchecked.

8. Press the Start Button to begin installation.

Odin will start flashing the firmware and will take near about 5 minutes. Do Not disconnect the device during that interval. Once the flashing process completed you will get a PASS massage in Odin and reboot your phone.