How to Replace Lollipop’s White App Drawer Background with Black or Semitransparent


With Android 5 Lollipop, Google introduced Material design interface and replaced the semi-transparent (and black) app drawer and settings menu background with white color. If the white background annoying you, then you can simply change it to the previous black or semi-transparent background with third-party launchers.

In this guide, we will show you how to replace Lollipop’s white app drawer background with black or semi-transparent background using Nova Launcher. There is plenty of third-party launcher app available on Play store in both free and premium features. Nova Launcher is our favourite launcher because it offers a great combination of usability, performance and customization options.

When you install the Nova launcher [Download], you are asked whether you want to import your home-screen configuration from your previous launcher, which makes settings up your new home screens quick and easy, so choose the option “Import from another launcher”, select the launcher and you are good to go.

To set Nova launcher as default home, go to Settings -> Home -> and choose Nova Launcher.

By default, the app drawer background is semi-transparent. You can change the transparency and color from Nova settings menu.


To change transparency, go to Nova settings -> Drawer -> Background. Set the transparency to zero to make black. You can also choose any other color you prefer.