Official TWRP App Lets You Check and Update Latest Version of TWRP Recover for Your Device (How to Use)


TWRP is a custom recovery. It enables you to flash ROMs and perform full backups of your system – an essential app for a rooted phone. However, until now it was a difficult task to find official TWRP recovery for your device as well as update it to newest version. TeamWin Recovery Project has released an official TWRP app on the Play store in order to help you check and update latest version of TWRP recovery for your Android phone. It will also help you install the TWRP recovery right from the app.

If you are an Android enthusiast, you might like the TWRP app. It will help you check new version of TWRP recovery image (.img) file available for your device and provide an option to download it. Also, if you grant root permission, you can install TWRP recovery right from the app. However, to install the app and for version checking, the app does not require root access.


The below step-by-step guide let you know how to use TWRP to check latest version of TWRP recovery for your device and install it with in the app. Note that, currently the app only able to flash recovery images from internal storage.

The official TWRP app is a free download on Play store here. It requires Android 4.0 and up and is very easy to use. Check out the guide below for more information.

How to Flash TWRP recovery using Official TWRP App

1. Download the official TWRP app from Play store [HERE] and install it on your phone.

2. After installation, open the app and tap on ‘TWRP Flash’ (if ask for root permission, just grant it).

3. Now, tap on ‘Select Device’ and from the drop down menu select your phone.

4. If your phone supports TWRP, a list of all available TWRP recovery image versions will list.

5. Select latest version from the list, then download and save the file to the internal storage.

6. Now, go back to the Official TWRP app, tap on ‘Select a file to flash..’ button, then select the TWRP recovery .img (you have downloaded), and tap on ‘Flash to recovery’ button. Once done, reboot and enjoy!

Do you think it could be useful, or is this something that is not needed for your Android phone? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.