Install Android 7.0 Update on Redmi Note 4 (MIUI Global Stable ROM)


Xiaomi has released Android 7.0 Nougat update for Redmi Note 4/4X with MIUI Global Stable ROM update. The incremental OTA (over the air) update starts rolling out which will reach across Redmi Note 4/4X in the coming days. If you cannot wait for the OTA update, you can download and install MIUI Global Stable ROM manually on Redmi Note 4.

Nougat based MIUI Global Stable ROM for Redmi Note 4/4x brings features like separate app lock for Dual apps, option to hide notification content on the lock screen, data and battery saving features, more customizable quick settings menu, general bug fixes and latest Android security patches (patch level July 2017).


If you have not received the Nougat update (MIUI NCFMIED) notification on your Redmi Note 4, check it by going to Settings > About phone > system update.

Alternatively, you can manually install the MIUI Global Stable ROM update on Redmi Note 4 by downloading the firmware.

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How to install MIUI Global Stable ROM manually on Redmi 4

1. Download MIUI NCFMIED Global stable ROM recovery image from here and save it on your Redmi Note 4’s internal memory.

2. Launch the ‘Updater’ app on your phone, tap on 3 horizontal dots (…) at the top-right corner, select ‘Choose update package’ and then select the ROM file you have saved.

3. Your device will start updating and will reboot after finishing the update.

Enjoy Android 7.0 Nougat on your device. If you have any question, let us know it in the comment section below. (Source)


  1. After update miui with nougat 7 in Redmi Note 4 (India).
    Follwoing issues are.
    1.Whatsapp notification bar notification showing two times.
    2.Facebook app automatically crashedout while scrolling down.
    3.While listning music using any music player including mi default music player , audio song and video songs are lagging like pusing for a second in each minut ,some time frequentaly.
    4.Even while watching the facebook the same problem audio got paused(lagging) for sec in each minut.
    5. More time taken to opening any app and finger print detection as compared to previous versions miui 8 with marshmallows 6
    6. Some time scrolling not working for a second.
    7. Battery got heating during charging or gaming or more talking.
    8. In the previous version video was playing in the full screen by default in the mi video player but now screen is fix and not in full screen.
    9. Screen touch not working some time for a second.
    10. At the time of gaming, game become pause for a second.
    11. RAM space consuming more which was not in previous versions.
    12. Net speed got slow as compared to previous version.
    13. Phone hang issue found for a second.
    Above all issues are found after updating with miui 8.5 with nougat 7.
    There was not any issues in the previous version of miui 8 with marshmallows 6.
    Can we revert back on previous version of miui 8 with marshmallows 6. How can I get? Kindly share.
    I want to previous version of miui 8 with marshmallows 6.0. How can we get full specifications which was at the time of new purchase? Kindly share.

    • Contact MIUI for clarification. You can flash Marshmallow based MIUI 8.2 Fastboot ROM on your device, but you should grant unlock permission from MIUI.

    • Stable version of MIUI 9 is not yet released. To install beta version (fastboot rom) requires unlocked bootloader

  2. Is it good to update to MIUI After seeing some more forums, understand there are many bugs with this update. Please advise

    • Each update bring performance enhancements and security patches, so it is advisable to update. However, prefer OTA update, if you are inexperianced.

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