Indian Users can Buy OnePlus Cardboard VR for Rs 99 from Amazon India


Indian users can purchase OnePlus VR Cardboard for Rs. 99 ($1.5) from on July 17th 2015. As you may know, Cardboard VR is a virtual reality platform developed by Google to use with your Android smartphone. Users can insert their smartphone into the front and stereoscopic lenses give the display a 3D feel. It works with any Android smartphone.

For your information, the ‘Cardboard VR’ is made out of low cost foldable cardboard (hence the name), plastic lenses, and a magnet or capacitive-taped lever to control the screen. However, please note that to see the virtual reality through the ‘Cardboard VR’ you need Google Cardboard-compatible apps installed in your phone.


Apps and lenses bring a stereoscopic image that completely fills your field of vision, and immerses you into a virtual world. To interact with things in your world, you can use a magnet (on older versions), or a lever with a capacitive end to touch the screen (on newer versions).

Oneplus team has giving away their VR Cardboard at free of cost internationally, however Indian users who could not participate in the offering can purchase the VR from Amazon India. Amazon India launches the OnePlus VR Cardboard for a price of Rs. 99 and available on July 17th 2015.