How to Take Screenshots with Galaxy S8’s Smart Select Edge Panel


Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ users can take screenshots with Smart Select Edge panel – No need to use the tricky Power and Volume down key combinations anymore. Galaxy S8’s this new feature is very convenient, especially for those who want to share something shown on their screen more often and quickly. If you do not know how to use Smart Select Edge panel to take screenshots on Galaxy S8, here is how it is.

Capturing your Galaxy S8/S8+’s screen with the Smart Select Edge panel is not just taking something shown on the screen. You can capture any sections of the screen as well as in different shapes and sizes. You can take screenshots in rectangular or oval shapes.


What is more, Galaxy S8’s Smart Select also lets you pin images on top of the screen and create animated GIFs. You can even copy text from the captured images and share it. Read on to know how to take screenshot with Galaxy S8’s Smart Select Edge panel.

How to take screenshot with galaxy S8

1. Go to your phone Settings > Display > Edge screen > Edge panels

2. Turn on the Edge panel toggle if it is turned off

3. Now, if you want to take screenshot (from any window or app screen), drag in the Edge panel from the edge of the display.

4. Scroll down and select Smart Select panel

5. You will see 4 options: Rectangle, Oval, Animation and Pin to top.

6. Select the option you want. For example, select Rectangle.

7. You can select any area of the screen. Once selected the area, tap the done button. That’s it!

If you want, you can further edit the screenshot (just select the draw button) and then share the captured image.