How to Get Moto X4’s Moto Display Features on Moto Z and Moto X Force


The Moto Z2 and the new Moto X4 (fourth generation Moto X) includes an updated version Moto Display (previously called Active Display) with new features. The new Moto Display lets users reply to messages without unlocking the phone, and features three icons in the screen for separate notifications. This feature is not available on Moto Z and on other older Moto devices like Moto X Force.

The ported Moto Display app (APK) from the Moto X4 is now available for Moto Z. Moto Z users (also Moto X Force), who wish to get the new Moto Display and its new features on their device, download and install the new Moto Display APK, which is extracted from Moto X4 (download link below). It works well with the Moto Z and does not require root on the device

Moto-X4-Moto-Display for Moto Z

Thanks to XDA users onslaught86, the Moto Display APK can be installed just like any APK file and no root access is required. There are two APK files that you will need to install (Moto Display and Moto Action). Once installed, you can enjoy all the new features of Moto Display on Moto Z.

According to some users, the new Moto Display also works on Moto X Force, but your device should be runs on Android Nougat. Note that, to enable features of the new Moto Display, first you need to go to Play Store and ensure you are running the latest version of Moto.

Download: You can download Moto Display APK from here and Moto Action APK from here or from source here.

Note that Moto Display will not appear if the phone is in your pocket or purse, face down or on a call (Source – XDA)