How to Fix Google Now Cards Not Available in Your Country Issue


Google Now has undergone massive changes since its launch. Not only has it been included as a primary feature through the Google Experience Launcher, it includes a wealth of new cards for users to interact with. The existing cards have also been updated to provide results that are more accurate. However, some users are experiencing Google Now Cards not available in your country issue.

In this tutorial, we will show you a fix for Google Now Cards not available in your country issue. You can try the below two methods if Google Now cards not appeared on your device. Both the two methods are simple; no need a factory reset or root permission on your phone. Follow as given below.


First method:

The first method is quite simple. If yours is a non-Google phone, like the Samsung Galaxy, just install the Google Now Launcher [Download here]. Your Google Now cards should appear again.

What is interesting is that you do not need to actually use the Google Now Launcher on your phone to get back the Google Now cards. Just install it, open it, use it once, and forget it. You can use your stock launcher, but do not uninstall the Google Now Launcher.

Second method:

If the above method is not working, try the below method. However, this method may not work on Lollipop powered devices.

1. First go to Settings -> Apps -> Google Play Services, and tap it.

2. Tap Uninstall Updates, and then confirm by pressing Ok. Then select Disable option.

3. Now, go back to main Settings menu and under Accounts section select Google.

4. Tap on your email address, tap settings (3 vertical dots) and select on Remove Account to remove your account.


5. Again, go to Apps -> Google Play Services, and tap Enable. (Do Not Update it yet)

6. Again, go back to Accounts and add your Gmail account.

7. Once you logging in, select the Google Account -> Search and enable Google Now from the toggle.

8. Now, open App drawer, select Google (Google Search) and tap Update Google Play Services when prompt.

That’s it! Once you update it, go to Google Now. You should see Google Now Cards appear.

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