How to Enable Tethering on Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+


By enabling Tethering on your Android phone, you can share your internet connection (mobile data) with your friends and family via Wi-Fi, USB or Bluetooth. It is easy by just enabling tethering or creating a Wi-Fi Hotspot on your Android phone. Like any Android phone, Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ also have the tethering function, but it will not be available on all variants. For example, on carrier locked Galaxy S8/S8+ such as Verizon Galaxy S8/S8+ the Tethering is disabled or hidden for specific reasons. However, there is a way to enable tethering on locked devices too.

If you are interested, check out the guide below to know how to enable tethering on carrier locked Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+. Not just on Verizon Galaxy S8/S8+, you can try the method on any Android phone runs KitKat and above. This method lets your share internet connection with other phones via Wi-Fi Direct. It requires no root access and very simple to set up.

The tethering function found on Android devices has various advantages. You can create portable hotspots on your device, wirelessly connect several devices with your Hotspot, and share your mobile data. If your Internet connection is zippy, you can share it with family members and friends by creating your own hotspot.

How to Enable Tethering on carrier locked Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+

1. You can enable Wi-Fi tethering on any Android device, including Galaxy S8/S8+ using the app called Net Share-no-root-tethering. The app uses Wi-Fi direct to share your phone’s mobile data.

2. Install the app from Play store [HERE], run it and check the box ‘Share internet connection option’.


3. It will then create a Wi-Fi hotspot with a random name and password (you can see them right on your screen).

4. You can connect any device to this Wi-Fi hotspot using the password that is displayed to you.

Once the connection has been established, you can see the connected devices right below the hotspot name and password. Just tap on a device name and set bandwidth and speed, if you wish so.