How to Auto Send Reply to WhatsApp Messages


WhatsApp is a hugely popular messaging platform and have millions of user base. If you are a WhatsApp addict and looking for a way to auto send reply to messages in your absence or when you are busy, then you can do that unofficially. Called ‘AutoResponder for WhatsApp’, the free app helps you send reply to any WhatsApp message you received automatically. What is more, you can customize the app as per your needs.

It is certain that many WhatsApp users have wanted a way for them to program auto replies to messages. The AutoResponder for WhatsApp, created by an XDA a contributor TK Studio, lets you create rules which it will then follow in order to send auto replies to WhatsApp messages.


This app lets you set up multiple auto replies, so they’ll be sent for groups, for individual contacts or both. Also, you can set up delays and also emotions to specific messages.

Below are the main features of AutoResponder for WhatsApp:

– Auto reply to WhatsApp™
– Send automatic replies to your friends
– Individually customizable
– Send replies to all messages
– React to specific messages
– Live answer replacements
– Reply with current location
– Works with groups
– Set contacts
– Set delay
– Perfect for business

Note that the app is in its developing stage and the developer will include many new features like font styles, multiple replies in one rule, etc. in the future.

Interested users can download AutoResponder for WhatsApp from Play store here. After installation, set rules, custom messages and select contacts or group that you want to reply messages automatically. Note that some features require in-app purchase.

Let us know does this app helpful to auto send reply to your WhatsApp messages. (Source – XDA)