Google’s Motion Stills App Now Available on Android (Download)


Google’s Motion Stills app was launched a year back for iOS, since then it helps iPhone users to create looping GIFs using their phone’s camera. Now, Google decided to launch the Motion Stills app for Android too. It is now available for downloaded from Play store. The app uses an advanced stabilization and rendering technology to produce motion GIFs and short videos.

Motion Stills is a simple to use app. Users can create short videos and looping GIFs and share them through social media to friends and family. The app utilizes a trimming algorithm that guards against pocket shots and accidental camera shakes. The feature is built-in, so the app does not require an active internet connection to work.


The app itself has a video stabilizing option (you can find it on camera viewfinder), which you can use to fix any accidental camera shakes. The app allows users to capture a short 3 second clip with a simple tap and create it into looping GIFs, which you can share instantly.

Instead of 3 second video, you can also record a longer video (1 minute) and then condense it into an easy-to-watch clip. The app uses a feature called Fast Forward mode to speed up the longer GIF (up to 8 times its original speed). What is more, it will not lose overall quality of video.

Interested users can download Motion Stills app free from Play store [HERE]. It requires Android 5.1 and above to run.