How to Get HTC’s BlinkFeed on Any Phone without Root


HTC’s BlinkFeed is a social networking and news aggregator that pulls information from a wide range of news and social media content on your homescreen. Though BlinkFeed is exclusively for HTC devices, it is possible to port BlinkFeed to a non-HTC device running Android 4.4 and higher and no root is required.


This tutorial shows you how to get BlinkFeed up and running on a non-HTC device and how to integrate it with Facebook and other apps. Folks over at XDA have ported BlinkFeed for non-HTC devices that you can download free. You can install it on any device running Android 4.4 KitKat and above.

Get HTC’s BlinkFeed on Any Phone without Root

First, download [HERE] HTC BlinkFeed launcher and extract the zip file. You will get the following files:


If you just want to use BlinkFeed as news aggregator, all you need to is the BlinkFeed launcher apk and base apk (HTC Service pack). However, if you want BlinkFeed to display updates from other apps such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. you will need to install the HTC Sense version of these apps.

Installation Instruction

First, install, “BlinkManager.apk” and then “”. Then install base.apk, and then install all the other social media related apps. You can also customize it and change themes.

Once BlinkFeed launcher apk has installed, set it as your default launcher by opening Settings ->Home and selecting HTC BlinkFeed. Next, set BlinkFeed as your homescreen, so you don’t have to swipe to it. Press on your homescreen until the Home screen pop-up appears, then tap Manage home and select BlinkFeed. (source)


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