Facebook Lite App for Low End Android Phone (Download APK)


Facebook has released a lite version of its Android app, which is designed for low-end Android phones with slow internet connection and areas with limited network connectivity. Low-end Android users can have better and fast Facebook experience than the bulkier Facebook mother app.


Currently available in few developing countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Zimbabwe, the Facebook Lite app will bring better and fast experience on low-end phones and or on slow internet connection. This move from Facebook is definitely for gaining a wide audience for the social networking.

Regarding the functionality, Facebook Lite is basic in features and design. However, all the core features, such as Messenger, Pages, Groups, notification, etc. are available on the app, which means users can rely on it for the core Facebook experience.


Facebook Lite app is a mere 252 Kb download, so it is sure that it will help low end Android users get more out of their social networking needs without freezing their phones.

Facebook Lite app can be downloaded from Play store. The apk can be downloaded from here. (source)