Download Hydrogen OS wallpapers and Spruce up Your Phone


Last month OnePlus team has announced a new operating system for its OnePlus One and upcoming smartphones for Asian market, especially for China called Hydrogen OS (also called H2 OS). Based on the Android Lollipop, a first private beta version of the Hydrogen OS has already been released for OnePlus One for testing purpose, which includes some high-resolution wallpapers.

Interested users can download the Hydrogen OS wallpapers and use them on their smartphone to spruce up it. Thanks to Amedeo Caramazza, the wallpaper pack includes 14 wallpapers that are elegant and have the resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels (for home screen) and 1080 x 810 pixels (for widget screen).


For your information, few months back OnePlus team has released Oxygen OS for global market with near stock interface. Now the Hydrogen OS resembles Chinese most popular MIUI and Color OS interface. Both Hydrogen OS and Oxygen OS are based on the Android 5.0 Lollipop with material design and free from bloatware apps.

How to use the wallpaper?

1. Download the wallpaper pack [HERE], and move the wallpapers to your phone.

2. Go the directory where you have saved the wallpapers, select one that you like.

3. Open the menu for that wallpaper, click “Set As” and choose wallpaper.

4. If you phone has a lower resolution, install a free app called “Image2wallpaper” from Play Store. It lets you sets the picture as wallpaper with or without resizing. Enjoy!