Cortana Embedded Cyanogen OS 13.1 Update For Indian OnePlus One Starts Rolling Out


OnePlus One in India soon will get Microsoft’s virtual assistant Cortana embedded Cyanogen OS 13.1 update. Cyanogen just started to roll out the Cortana India update for OnePlus One. Once updated, you can ask Cortana to perform a variety of tasks on your phone, even from the lock screen by just waking up her with the hotword ‘Hey Cortana’.

Currently available in the US, the included Cortana Mod for Camera and Lock Screen lets you ask Cortana to “take a selfie”, giving you a voice controlled, hands free, automatic countdown for capturing your picture. However, if you prefer Google Now over Cortana, you can always uninstall this Mod, just like any other app.



By waking up with the hotword “Hey Cortana”, you can ask her to do things like set reminders, schedule meetings, call friends, text contacts, etc. right from the lock screen or with in an app or game. Cortana is always ready to accept your commands.

Currently, there is no news about the global roll out of Cyanogen OS Cortana update. We will keep you informed about it when it became available. (Source)