Causes and Fixes for LineageOS Status 7 Error (Guide)


Getting Status 7 error is a common obstacle while installing custom ROMs like LineageOS. Without fixing the error, you will not be able to install the ROM. There are various reasons for status 7 error like older bootloader, age-old custom recovery like TWRP, dirty flashing the ROM, etc. In this guide, we will show you how to fix LineageOS status 7 errors that pops up when installing the ROM.

If you are a custom ROM fan, you may come across errors like ‘Status 7’, ‘installation aborted’, ‘Trustzone error’ or ‘signature verification failed error’, when installing a custom ROM like LineageOS. If you come across any of these issues, there might have one or more reasons.


Note that the ‘status 7 error’ is not uncommon. You can easily fix the issue. Read on to know what the reasons for LineageOS Status 7 error are, and how to fix it.

If you are trying to install LineageOS 14.1 (Android 7.1.2 Nougat) on your phone and come across errors like Status 7, do check below instructions to fix it.

How to Fix LineageOS Status 7 Error

1. Outdated TWRP recovery: Age-old TWRP recovery is one of the reasons for status 7 error. Download and install latest version of recovery and try to install your favorite custom ROM.

– For installing LineageOS 14.1, TWRP should be updated to version 3++. You can download latest version of TWRP from here.

2. Outdated Bootloader: This one is the main reason of status 7 error, because you cannot simply jump to a newer version of Android form a very old version. For example, Status 7 Error may occur if you install a Nougat based ROM on a device that runs on Jelly Bean.

– The solution is upgrading your device’s firmware to the latest official version and then tries flashing LineageOS 14.1.

3. Format Cache, Dalvik Cache and Data before Installation: Before flashing, format the cache partition, Dalvik cache and format the data partition in TWRP recovery.

– In TWRP recovery, choose Wipe > Advanced Wipe > and then select Cache, Dalvik Cache and Data to wipe.

4. Download correct LineageOS: One of the main reasons for status 7 error is wrong ROM file. It is usually happened when there are different variants of a same phone.

– Always double-check your device variant and code-name of the phone before downloading the ROM file for your device variant.

5. Remove the Assert Checks: If you downloaded the correct firmware file and not all other methods fix the status 7 error, you may remove the Assert checks from the ROM file. It requires some technical expertise.

– Open the ROM package on your computer with 7 Zip (do not unzip it), then go to the directory META-INF/com/ google/android and double click on updater-script file.

– Right click the updater-script and open it using a text editor (Notepad)

– Locate ‘assert’ in the script. You will see these lines along with the codename of your device. If your device code name is different, replace it with correct code name.

– Finally, locate ‘assert & getprop’ in the script and delete them all and then save the file.

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