Best 7 New Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 7


Samsung has unveiled the successor of Galaxy Note 5, the Galaxy Note 7 with some amazing features like Iris Scanner, dual-curved screen, upgraded S Pen, and bezel-less streamlined design. Samsung bypassed the Note 6 for the Note 7 in order to avoid brand confusion. Below are the best 7 new features of Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Iris scanner: Iris scanning is one of the highlighted features of Galaxy Note 7 that enables you to unlock your phone with your eyes. It offers foolproof security to your private data. Samsung clams that this is one of the safest and convenient ways to keep your Note7 and the data it holds safe from prying eyes.


Upgraded S Pen: S pen feature has been available since the first Galaxy Note device and in Note 7 it became more smarter. The S pen Stylus tip has reduced to 0.7mm (it was 1.6mm on previous Note) which enables you to write naturally. Also, now it is more sensitive and can translate a foreign language by simply hovering over the word.

Secure Folder: This feature lets you hide anything on your phone. For example, you can hide and secure your private photos, secret documents, etc. in to this folder.

Smart Select GIFs: Your Galaxy Note 7 lets you make GIF image from any video. You can select a portion of the video with the S Pen, rate on it and share it with friends via social media.

Wired to be wireless: The Galaxy Note 7 has a big 3500mAh battery and is equipped with the fast wireless charging technology found in the Galaxy S7. You only need to place the phone on a wireless charger (separately sold accessory) to charge it.

HDR streaming: Galaxy Note 7 is the first Samsung device to support content streaming in HDR (High Dynamic Range).

Blue light filter: This eye protecting technology is not new for smartphone, but in Galaxy Note 7, it is better and customizable. You can schedule the function for any time, as well as adjust the sensitivity of the filter to your needs.