[How to] Amazon Offers Update Removes Lockscreen Ads & Offers from Prime Exclusive Phones


Amazon decided to remove lockscreen ads and offers from its Prime exclusive phones and released Offers app update to achieve it. All users will get this update and it will take some days to get the update. If you did not receive the update, Amazon Offers APK is now available that you can install on your device to remove lockscreen ads and other offers by Amazon officially.

As you know, Amazon Prime Exclusive phones come at a discount price, but it will display ads on lockscreen. Also, these phones are comes bundled with Amazon offers like Amazon shopping app, Kindle, Amazon Video app, etc. However, it seems that Amazon decided to remove the ads due to the recent discovery of security issue of lockscreen ads.


All Prime exclusive phones will get a new software update, which will remove ads from the device. However, if you cannot wait for the update, you can download the updated Offers APK, install it and remove/disable lockscreen ads and other bundles.

Thanks to XDA member DarkPhoenix7878 for the APK. Just follow the below steps to remove lockscreen ads on Amazon Prime Exclusive devices.

Remove Amazon Prime Lockscreen Ads</h2<

1. Download the Amazon Offers APK from here to your phone.

2. Install the downloaded APK file as normal APK and enable it.

3. If ads still exist, delete cache in recovery and then reboot your phone.

You have successfully removed lockscreen ads from your Amazon Prime Exclusive phone. Any question regarding this topic, let us know in the comment. (Source)


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